DoubleParker Springs

Drinking Water

In 2013, I started my own bottled-water label.  DoubleParker Springs  was actual, Honest-To-God, professionally-packaged artesian spring water, but only a few cases were made.  Believe it or not - these bottles actually ended up in several NYC delis!


But it didn't stop there:  There were commercials produced, a promotional website, and even an Atari Game cartridge.


Sadly, these exist today only as collector's items.  I'm sure there are a few unopened bottles still out there somewhere, and I'd love to get hold of one.

Here's the artwork for the label, and a pic of a case of unopened bottles.

The DoubleParker Springs-inspired Atari game, H2-WHOA!, was literally unplayable.

The DoubleParker Springs commercials aired only on Facebook; and while they were a bit over-the-top, they had their own fair share of eclectic charm.

YES! These are actual DoubleParker Springs bottles in actual NYC-based delis!

YES! All real photos -- Not Photoshopped.

...And, finally, yes, there was even a promotional website.  It's also mobile-friendly.



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