Why Can't I Play The Games?

You came here looking to play some games, right?  Well, thanks to Apple, the fully-evolved multimedia platform that these games were built in has all but been eradicated from the web.  While HTML5 has certainly come far in the last 10 years, it isn't near far enough.  Imagine where we'd be if Flash had been allowed to evolve alongside other mobile platforms, rather than banned because Apple saw it, like so many other technologies that it has little to no control over, as a threat.


Now, 10 years later, we have nothing that comes even remotely close to what Flash was capable of on the web, as Apple continues to deliberately cripple it's own mobile Safari browser to push traffic towards it's app store ($34B in revenue from app downloads in 2016).


Today, there truly is no excuse to scroll through a website and see a large blank stretch of screen real estate that, on non-mobile devices, would otherwise offer a wonderful array of content ranging from video, audio, games, animation and more - but yet, in 2017, that is the reality.  You are not allowed to see it.


Apple killed Flash, not because Flash couldn't survive on its own merits (it certainly wasn't perfect), but because Apple dictated its fate, citing a need for a non-reliance on plug-ins, while continuing to push it's own proprietary software component, known as Quicktime, which is about as notoriously riddled with bugs, vulnerabilities and outdated code as its own iTunes.


Apple believes in Freedom From Choice, and while it may be comforting to some to be stripped of the burden of decision-making by allowing the removal of all options and controls in an Orwellian attempt at saying "Trust Us - We Know What's Best For You", you are voluntarily surrendering access to all kinds of wonderful pieces of technology, struggling to be seen behind Apple's Walled Garden.  The web is a wonderful place, filled with potential, and should never be purposely hobbled by companies seeking profit via a closed system.


So, these games, once playable on all smart phones with the exception of Apple, now exist only as videos on mobile.


End Rant. :)

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