The Last Blockbuster Night

In September of 2016, I watched a video that blew my mind: Blockbusters still existed!


Granted, there weren't many, and they were falling like flies, but a few had managed to hang on in the southernmost tip of Texas, right across from the border of Mexico in the Rio Grande Valley.  By April of 2017, they were all gone, except for one -- Just one.  If we were going to do this, it was time to move, or forever lose the opportunity to bid a proper, respectful farewell to the company that perfected the social aspect of the movie rental experience.

This promotional poster was made to promote the event and help recruit the "Perfect Six" for the trip.

A post-victory celebratory poster was made to commemorate the trip and show our route on down through Texas!

These square tiles were given to all six participants for placement on social media platforms (like Instagram).

The "DVD insert" was a cool idea that never materialized due to time constraints, but I wish I had pulled this off.  The idea behind this was to basically create a fake DVD case promoting the road trip as a "movie", and, while inside Blockbuster, surreptitiously slip the DVD case into a slot amongst other films in one of the aisles (documentary section, historical?) The purpose being not as much mischievous but rather as a leave-behind to pay respect and serve as a symbolic gesture that a piece of me remains in Blockbuster just as Blockbuster will always have a place in my heart!  Cool right?  Anyways, we didn't do it.  :/

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